Harmful and useful advice to students

If you follow the above tips, you to 5 the course is sure to become a celebrated man in his high school. This is of course assuming that you will not drive until that time 😉

The lectures and with the teacher

If You came to the lecturer of the Department with any question, do not hesitate, open the door to the office safely, don’t you knock. (Which, right, nothing!).

Come without hesitation and without asking permission. The door is not close.

Come immediately to the teacher and wait on him.

If he’s busy talking (e.g. head of Department), interrupt their conversation, it is better to join the discussion, Express their opinion on a subject, even a subject of conversation is unknown to You. For greater effect it is better to block interlocutors from each other. (To come between them, put the briefcase.)

Bring as many items (a suitcase, a jacket, a tube with drawings, etc.) it lay on the table Your teacher that won’t fit – put/lay on the floor. (Such a barricade would not let him go.)

Bring as many people. If You come friends, come into the office with them. Can also pick up random passengers.

If someone’s waiting outside, certainly understand with him, not leaving the office. Say loudly that You could hear not only friends left in the corridor, but also the neighboring Department was also aware of the situation.

Still to heighten the effect is good to chew gum during the conversation with the teacher.

Believe me, to this student the teacher simply can not remain indifferent!

During the day

He woke up – Wake up friends. A fresh stream of foul language will help you to get rid of the sleep and give a good energy boost.

Unlocking comrades need first: to grab a shower and toilet, be at Breakfast to the public stock of sandwiches, wear the nicest shoes. The result will be an additional charge of vivacity.

Leaving the dormitory, don’t Wake the watchman – think of the old man. With enough of it that you did at four in the morning, returning from a disco.

University halls greet with everyone who is older than thirty. What if it is your teacher? Don’t remember all, indeed!

Walias to a lecture with a substantial delay, don’t distract the teacher knock on the door and a silly question: Can I come in? . If not, you out and so, if you can pretend you didn’t notice.

If, suddenly, has taken to the lecture, do not talk, do not play and do not make a noise. Lie down on the Desk and sleep. To talk, to indulge in and blast you to the next lecture where I will sleep.

Very carefully treat taking. Usually, the abstracts are carefully girls. Before you begin this dubious process, think about life, about his sexual orientation.

In the classroom ask as many questions as possible with or without. There is a chance that the teacher will remember you, and when you are for the exam, it will sure that you are with this specialty, with this thread and with this faculty, in spite of your answers.

Laboratory work: test tubes break, slept a transformer and you format the hard drive of the computer. You will not only amuse themselves but also make happy students, which will come to your workplace on the next pair.

After class conscience pushes you to the library, and the soul pulls to the bar. Act according to the dictates of the soul: what is served at the bar, easier to digest than what are available in the library.

After the bar you can go to the familiar: what if someone eat?! If fed, long and hard thanks for the meal. This increases the chances of re-entering.

Conscience offers to work out. Tell her that’s not the end of the semester and go play football.

Again, go through friends, hoping to dine for free. The more friends – the more effective the fight against hunger. Thus, the most crafty chirovici acquire the most extensive connections. It is because they grow in the future MPs and presidents.

After dinner, take a little NAP and a disco.

Returning drunk in the morning from a disco, not rude to the janitor. Just beat glass obriga hall and take up the whole Dorm. At best, it will help to fly you from the University, regardless of all respect your parents. At worst (if you respect your parents outweighed the common sense of the administration) – will gain authority among comrades.

Going to bed, Wake up comrades. Do not deprive them of the opportunity to rejoice that you finally appeared alive and healthy.

Next day start with step 1.

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