Guide for study abroad parents

What to do when your child wants to study abroad – a guide for study abroad parents.

What to do if your child decided to study abroad – a guide for parents of the student.
In Study Advisory we want to give more than just information for future and current students. We understand that very often parents play a big role in the child’s education abroad. Therefore, we have created a separate guide for parents whose children are going to study abroad. This helped us to those parents whose children already went abroad. As you will be able to live without my baby for a few months, a year or even more? How to become the best support for your child? Here, we will try to answer the most common questions.

What if something happens?

It’s probably the most common question asked by parents all over the world. Remember that studying abroad will teach your child to become independent. As soon as your child will spend a few days in a new place, everything will become clear: how to deal with all the bureaucracy how to learn a foreign language, what the local traditions are the most important etc., What else can better teach your child to take care of themselves?

Before sending of the child abroad, make sure it has all the necessary insurance. Insurance can really be useful, especially in developing countries.

Why does my child want to study abroad!? Near our house there is a pretty decent College!
Those who want to study abroad, usually very ambitious, brave and open to new experiences and people! Just stay home – this isn’t it. And it’s wonderful. The experience they will acquire, will probably be one of the best; your job is to support your child in all possible ways. Your child will need any support you can give.

By choosing the country or the University, probably more than you are concerned about safety and costs. Take some time and review all the details together with your child. Study Advisory always asks for the views of the students about the safety and financial costs. To get an idea about the different universities, go to page Study Advisory and find all the necessary information!

How to communicate with the child?

If it so happens that with technology you’re always “You”, then now is the time to go to “you”. Before your child is going abroad, find out about all kinds of free ways to keep in touch: Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat… your child is bound to have one or more favorites!

But don’t call your child every day at 9:30 PM to make sure he’s home already. If your child lives in Spain, Italy or France, at this time they are not even finished dinner! This can cause them to miss even more if you call them every day. Just be available and always ask how your child.

There is also the type of parents who get nervous when they can’t reach their child at any time when you want to. Relax! In a new country phone and Internet are not so good as in your country.

My child just called and started crying on the phone! What to do?
Relax! 99.9% of students studying abroad, whether boys or girls, you may cry at some point. Some more, some less. If your child called and started crying on the phone – it just means that emotions took over. And this does not mean that your child is unhappy or that you need to take the nearest plane ticket and fly to his child. Studying abroad is an overwhelming experience that sometimes even the fact that you ran out of milk in the fridge, can cause tears.

If your child called you to be sad or hysterical, just stay calm and try to listen to everything he says. If your child calls you, it means he trusts you. Try to understand what is happening. Just listen and try to cheer up her child.

Is it worth to visit the child?

Definitely. Sharing the experience of the child together may be the best time for both of you. Discard all prejudices and just come see your child. Don’t be alarmed if suddenly in the kitchen are cockroaches, rude people on the streets or terrible weather.

It is the experience of your child. Mix together in a favorite restaurant, meet new friends who have already purchased your child, and most importantly, let them know that you are so proud their child. Believe me, it’s important to them.

My child just graduated and wants to stay and work in this country! What to do?
Your child graduated? Congratulations! This means that he is very talented and ambitious person. Moreover, your child wants to stay in this country? Yes, it is great. Maybe your child has met the love of his life? Or is there good opportunities in career plan?

Ask yourself: what’s the worst that can happen, if the child remains abroad? Think about it. And by the way, if your child will find a good job, then the chances that he will be able to visit often, very high!

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